Taxi truck hire

Taxi truck hire services in Adelaide

Black & White Trucks can move anything from the smallest item to the largest, anywhere throughout the Adelaide metropolitan area. We have a fleet of vehicles, offering a full range of sizes, catering to any type of use.
Our open-tray trucks range in size from 1-ton utilities up to 14-pallet and 14-tonne trays.
Tautliners give you the best of both worlds. They have solid roofs and are enclosed by side curtains that open, allowing you to side load but still providing protection during travel and throughout any weather conditions.
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We are certified to move packaged dangerous goods

Our fleet of covered furniture vans range from 3-meter trays to 7-meter trays and serve the dual purposes of furniture removals or parcel-type deliveries. They have solid sides and therefore cannot be side loaded, but they have tie rails to secure your goods tightly and safely. 
The Black & White fleet also has a number of specialized vehicles, such as hydraulic tailgates. These tailgates are a rear-lifting platform that is used to lift heavy items when no forklifts or other lifting machinery is available. They are capable of lifting weights from 450 kg to 2000 kg.
Some of our team are fully certified, trained and equipped to transport and handle packed dangerous materials. Any dangerous goods must be securely packaged and must be declared at the time of scheduling services from Black & White Trucks. 
Our staff members provide individualised services for each client, so give us a call today! We will be happy to answer any questions you may have or to schedule an appointment in the Adelaide area. 
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